For my Phase 4 project I chose to create an Unscramble game. The game is played by one user at a time. The user has 45 seconds to create as many words from the 20 letters given to them. To avoid any cheating, the input box does not appear until…

For my Rails project I decided to create a Recipe Manager, which allows a user to create their own recipes and share them with other users. Users can search for recipes that interest them and then leave comments on how they feel about a specific one. I really liked this…

The coolest pieces of technology I used was the Tux and creating the login/signup pages of my project. The Authentication pages (signup/login) were something that were really cool to create because I never thought about what was behind that part of a website/app.

<h1>Sign Up Below:</h

<% if flash[:error] %>

This project was a definitely a different challenge from what we were doing with the previous lessons in Phase 1. Going from a lesson where I only needed to pass tests to creating a gem from scratch with seemingly ulimated room for different structures of code and creativity was something…

Andrew A Echeverria

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