Why did I decide to study Software Engineering

While in college learning to code and program was something that was always interesting, but during that time I did not actively pursue it. Instead I majored in Communication and went into that field after graduation. After sometime working in that industry; I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t right for me. Software engineering came back into mind when I met up with an old friend who was a software engineer for a startup in New York City. We spoke about how the work environment was and how his work days were. It immediately intrigued me.

During quarantine, I decided to take an Intro to Computer Science course with Harvard University and thoroughly enjoyed it. The material was very challenging, but ultimately very satisfying when completed. I really love how software engineers are needed in every field in the job market. But most importantly, it is an amazing feeling being able to create applications and websites for either yourself or someone. For me that satisfaction and love for the craft is why I chose to study software engineering.